Custom Framing

Did you know that less than 5% of the population uses a custom picture framer? We have a few ideas about why this is, but one thing we are certain about is that the people who choose to do custom framing are highly satisfied and always become repeat customers.

If you care about making or displaying artwork, our bet is that you’re not the kind of person that likes things standardized. Why compromise the items you choose to frame by forcing them to fit into something that isn’t made for them?

We have four framers on staff with seventy-five years of combined experience. Our design services are free. You only pay when you decide to go ahead with the order and we guarantee your satisfaction!

“Oh, but it is so expensive!” Framing is one of the few truly custom products left. We will work with you to pick and choose from unlimited materials. We will design around your artwork, a one of a kind housing that not only enhances it visually, but has the potential to preserve and extend its life. Not every item requires top of the line museum quality framing, however. We pride ourselves on being able to offer appropriate solutions in all price ranges. We always try to provide a better value for your dollar than you can find elsewhere, without compromising our craftsmanship or ethics. It’s an important part of our mission to keep custom framing alive and accessible to all.

To The Drawing Board team a sincere thanks for years of great care mounting works on paper archivally and for creative thinking resulting in exquisite framing.

Your insights into the creative process that is framing, your knowledge of framing options and archival materials, your eye for beautiful results that compliment the images, your patience in relating technical expertise and understanding, your ability to work with varying budgets, your warmth and excellent customer service, and your understanding of the vision of others, all result in the creation of beautifully crafted frames: protected spaces home to art work for years to come.

Over the years your frames continue to bring me great pleasure, and it is without hesitation that I can say I look forward to future framing moments at the Drawing Board, and that I send this heartfelt thanks.
- Caroline Tavelli-Abar, Multidisciplinary Artist